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Solaris by Socha-Nyx Solaris by Socha-Nyx

The universe existed purely as a bleak stream of conscious. It was many but one. They knew everything that had become, which resulted in them, a pure form of connected awareness. But you see, having so much knowledge is boring because there was nothing to do with it, so these consciences broke from each other and made physical vessels to separate themselves, to have a sense of individuality. Emptiness is quite dull so it did not take long to start creating.

    From this, they began to create. The more they created the more attachment they felt, and with this attachment came a sense of emotional connection, far different from the icy universe they were born into. They knew everything that was, but they could not predict what would come to be with their creations, this gave them pleasure: the uncertainty of it.

They set aside part of their domain as grounds to let their creations roam free, a place to experiment. The entry way into this domain was a whirlpool gate where they could drop their creations in. They became the Guardians of this realm they bore.

    Solaris was mesmerized by Vega’s stars. He thought the hope they represented was beautiful. With his admiration, he made a star of his own and gave it to Vega. This was the first sign of charity and it deeply touched all the Guardians. Vega was so grateful for the gift that she reserved a space inside the domain of creations and made it the center of its own galaxy. The Guardians were so awestruck, it was such an amazing feat that they centered many of their creations around this Sun from that point on. It was enlightening to know that they were capable of such selflessness. These emotions came from the life of their creations. Such intense feelings they harbored. These creations seemed so short lived compared to the immortal Guardians, and with their death brought the memory of such experience back to their creators. The Guardians were developing stronger emotions and their sympathies grew: it was a wonderful time.

    Charity, the greatest gift of humility and caring

okay I literally put this off for 4 months because FIRE IS DIFFICULT and then the reality was that it took me about 30 minutes to finish... oh
so yeah resuming the series after all this time, and the story/sketches were all made months ago I just didn't have the motivation to finish it right away. Spring Break is the time for me to bulldoze through my to do list xD

Order of Creation series: 

NasimaAuroraVega, Solaris, Skye & Atlas, Lina, Enid, Muse & Mel, Gemini</p></span>
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